Reveal Filter Refills


Refill Guidelines

Make sure your ZShield Reveal always performs. Pick your Reveal filter refill cartridge packs based on how often you use your mask. Filters should be replaced weekly or after 40 hours of use.

4 Pack Monthly - 40 Hours Per Week
8 Pack Monthly - 2 Masks
12 Pack Monthly - Multiple Masks

ZShield Reveal features replaceable, non-woven filter cartridges that can exceed 95% particulate efficiency for advanced protection. Two-way filtration impacts the air you breathe in and the air you breathe out, offering protection for particulates, pollutants, respiratory droplets and aerosols. 

  • Replaceable (Replace weekly to ensure safety and performance)
  • 3-ply non-woven polypropylene media performing at 95% or greater particulate efficiency
  • Two-way filtered air flow for inhalation and exhalation
  • 16 sq. inches of pleated surface area in a compact replaceable cartridge to make Reveal breathability easy and comfortable
  • Filters are easy to remove and replace and should be changed weekly, depending on frequency of mask use.
  • ZShield Reveal filters have been independently tested and verified to have better than 95% efficiency for pollutants and aerosols that are .3 microns or larger.

To pay for ZShields using a purchase order, quantities over 100, or to receive a tax exemption, please use our Specialty Order form.