ZShield Ultra + 5-Pack Aries Work Week Masks

$24.99 $34.99


Introducing the Aries Work Week Mask and ZShield Ultra bundle! The Aries Work Week Mask is the first face mask to combine high-level filtration with easy breathability and the ZShield Ultra is designed to be a comfortable, wearable barrier that helps shield your face, mouth, and eyes from spray, splatter, and the direct transfer of respiratory droplets. Wearing both allows you to get back to work safely and comfortably. The Work Week Mask is designed to meet new ASTM standards for Barrier Face Coverings and outlasts N95 masks.

Work Week Mask Key Benefits:

  • Durable material lasts all week, significantly reducing waste compared to single use masks
  • Designed to meet ASTM F3502, Level 2 standard for Barrier Face Covering
  • Larger frame to cover nose, mouth and chin
  • Combines High Filter Performance with low breathing resistance
  • Soft, ultra lightweight, hypoallergenic material repels moisture and delivers comfort throughout the day
  • Adjustable nose wire provides a custom and secure seal

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