ZShield Flex Wins Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award

ZShield Flex Wins Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award

October 01, 2020

The ZShield Flex face shield has been recognized by Fast Company as a 2020 Innovation by Design Award winner and recipient of an honorable mention in the Best Design of North America category. The ZVerse team is honored to be recognized with this coveted, national distinction, alongside world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Google and Logitech.

Innovation by Design is the only competition to honor creative work at the intersection of design, business and innovation, and one of the most sought-after design awards in the industry. ZShields have disrupted traditional face shield design with their sleek, lightweight visors that clip around the wearer’s neck, making it comfortable for all-day wear. They’re a “Worker’s Dream!”

The ZShield Flex was the first neck-mount design shield developed by ZVerse.

“After launching with ZShield Health, we brought on Scott Henderson to reimagine the traditional face shield design and create a product that would be comfortable for a variety of work environments, as well as everyday life,” said ZVerse founder and CEO, John Carrington. “Going to market with such a novel design and seeing it in use by so many people and industries has been a humbling experience. We’re honored to be recognized by Fast Company for our work. It’s truly been a labor of love.”

Henderson, a renowned New York designer and ZVerse design partner, jumped at the chance to develop a new kind of face shield.

“When ZVerse originally contacted me about collaborating, I immediately realized how historic this moment was and felt an urgent need to help with the project,” said Henderson. “Prior to COVID-19, face shields weren’t considered an essential accessory outside of the healthcare and medical science industry. After a century of little innovation in regard to face shield design, I am so proud of our team for applying out-of-the-box critical thinking to create this new option for PPE.”

Our team tested more than a dozen face shield designs before landing on the final product: the ZShield Flex, a modern, reusable face shield made here in the U.S. In addition to its unique neck mount, the ZShield Flex has the ability to flip down for idle use, all without ever touching your face or masking your smile. The ultra-lightweight shield allows for all-day comfort and wear, ideal for long shifts and professions that require facial expressions, while shielding users from spray, splatter and the direct transfer of respiratory droplets.

Winners, finalists, and honorable mentions of Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards are featured online and in the October/November issue of Fast Company magazine. To see the complete list, go to: https://www.fastcompany.com/innovation-by-design/2020

To try ZShield or learn more about our products, visit tryzshield.com. All ZShields are reusable, easy to clean, recyclable and made in the USA.