Faces Behind the ZShield: Scott Henderson

Faces Behind the ZShield: Scott Henderson

October 01, 2020

Meet Scott Henderson, one of the nation’s top industrial designers and a key player in disrupting the traditional face shield model and launching our unique ZShields during the height of COVID-19.

Recognizing the last century has brought little innovation in regard to face shield design, Scott and the ZVerse team set out to create a new shield for a new normal. They incubated and tested at least a dozen designs before landing on the final product, ZShield Flex, a modern, reusable face shield that introduces a new option for personal protective equipment (PPE). 

The most remarkable feature of ZShield Flex? The way the ultra-lightweight shield attaches around the neck rather than the head, allowing for all-day comfort and wear. The team also created a flexible bracket that gives users the option to flex the shield down for idle circumstances - taking lunch, sipping coffee, touching up makeup, all without ever touching their face. 

“The human head is a very complex set of geometric parameters that are difficult to work around when it comes to designing wearable products,” Scott said. “We bypassed these complexities completely by thinking differently with the come-from-the-bottom neck mount. This is an unprecedented design idea for face shields and a much-needed spark of innovation in the world of PPE.”

Scott’s design savvy earned him a spot as a judge on CBS’s inaugural New York by Design, a TV Series all about New York innovation, ingenuity and design excellence. Watch the trailer featuring Scott here

Scott has a history of developing best-in-class consumer products. His designs for global fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Hamilton Beach Brands, Intel and Nike, have become top selling industry disruptors. Scott said his experience with ZVerse was, “One of the most rewarding in recent memory because it was design as it should be—rapid ideation, prototyping, testing, and repeating that cycle as necessary until we nailed it.”

Since introducing the ZShield Flex, Scott has worked with ZVerse to respond to customer and industry demand and designed several sister products, including the ZShield Wrap, which provides more coverage around the face, and the ZShield Youth, a smaller shield for children. Several other products are in the pipeline and will be released soon. 

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