ZShield Flex

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✅ Over 3 million ZShields sold!
✅ ZShield is the most comfortable and effective face shield ever made thanks to our inverted shield design.
✅ Just slide it around the neck.  Flip the shield up when in use and flip the shield down when not in use. 
✅ Reusable and long lasting
✅ Can be worn with loupes
🇺🇸 Made in the USA

The award-winning ZShield Flex offers a unique, lightweight, neck-mount design with flexible coverage, featuring a protective visor that easily folds up and down for use as you need protection. The ZShield Flex is ideal for everyday activities, provides clear communication, eye protection, and pairs comfortably with a face mask for added security and confidence. Our shields provide an effective facial barrier for a range of activities, interactions and environments where protection may be needed and are ideal for the workplace. *ZShield Flex offers a more open design compared to the ZShield Wrap, for flexible use.
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