Introducing a breakthrough in PPE design.

Clear mask ppe

April 23, 2021

ZShield Reveal extends ZVerse category leadership in Essential Grade PPE, combining an advanced protection design made for essential workers and everyday safety with today’s vital need for human connection, comfort, and clear communication. 

Created by an award-winning team of designers, ZShield Reveal is a high-performance face mask made with a soft silicone seal and a replaceable, two-way filter that captures 95% of breathable particles. Reveal significantly outperforms cloth masks by delivering a two-way filtration system that works as you breath in and out—protecting you and those around you. Reveal’s transparent, anti-fog coated lens keeps your face and mouth in clear view for person-to-person communication and connection. 

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, ZShield Reveal upgrades safety and confidence for essential work and everyday life, so you can breathe easy.

Top Benefits of the ZShield Reveal: 


-Clear with anti-fog coating


-Pairs well with a ZShield Wrap or Flex

Let us tell you about the design: 

ZShield Reveal is made with a breakthrough filter design and silicone seal that offers superior aerosol protection over cloth and disposable masks. Reveal is designed to support human connection with a transparent lens that allows your facial expressions to be seen. Reveal’s pleated filter offers two-way filtration protection with a 3-ply non-woven polypropylene media performing at 95% particulate efficiency. The filter should be replaced weekly for safest performance.

Designed for Essential Grade PPE: 

ZShield Reveal anchors ZVerse’s leadership in the Essential Grade PPE category. Designed for non-medical, essential workers employed in diverse exposure environments, ZShield Reveal offers higher protection and confidence for educators, retail workers, childcare providers, food service workers, hotels, restaurants, transportation and safety services, among other essential roles.


Finding the correct fit: 

We have designed a sizing guide to help you find your correct fit. The ZShield Reveal has a large which fits most men and a medium that fits most women. Print out our sizing guide to help you!

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