Introducing the Aries Work Week Mask!

Introducing the Aries Work Week Mask!

April 23, 2021

The first face mask to combine the best comfort and fit with high-level filtration and easy breathability. Get back to work safely and comfortably. The Work Week Mask meets new, national ASTM standards for Barrier Face Coverings and outlasts N95 masks.

Key Benefits:

-Durable material lasts all week, 

-Reduces waste compared to single use masks

-Meets ASTM F3502, Level 2 standard for Barrier Face Covering

-Larger frame to cover nose, mouth and chin

-Adjustable nose wire provides a custom and secure seal

Designed for:

The Aries Work Week Mask was designed with getting back to normal in mind. It is the first face mask to combin high-level filtration with easy breathability. Made in the USA, the Work Week Mask meets the new ASTM standards for barrier face coverings. 

What is the ASTM F3502, Level 2 standard? 

In February 2021, ASTM International, formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials, issued a new standard for Barrier Face Coverings. The standard is intended to establish a baseline for general face masks, focusing on how well they filter particulates, deliver comfort and breathability and their general re-use potential.

The new ASTM standard helps companies make informed decisions on the PPE they are providing employees, including what filtration levels they need to provide for maximum safety and how much breathability they are delivering.

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